Nameless exists because we don’t want leaders to live lonely

Our goal is to build an environment where women activated in leadership around the world can experience the exponential growth of Kingdom Collaboration. Your gift will allow us to connect more women, in more countries, into collaborative small groups for encouragement and growth.

Support Women Leaders Across the Nations

In June 2020, we collaborated with a ministry called Unite Life and launched Nameless in Chennai, India.

We have two full-time team members funded in Chennai that are working diligently to expand Nameless and build communities in 3 more cities in 2021.

Nameless India Membership is a community-centered ministry within Nameless Collaborative that is focused on supporting women leading in India as Hostesses through our Unite Life Partnership. 

We now have the privilege of serving and connecting women leaders in Central Asia. Our growing group of women serving in Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan are gaining spiritual and leadership support every month because of support of our US community.

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