At Nameless Collaborative, we're all about helping you lead well in your business and ministry. We provide training and motivation through our Virtual and In-Person Gatherings, Collab Tables, Retreats, and Coaching.

We would be honored to help you get clarity as you explore the BIG things God has put on your heart to do. He's given you permission, ability, and vision so let's get to work!

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Anne Watson

Anne Watson is a business strategist for ambitious communicators and entrepreneurs. She is incredibly skilled at both business and ministry organizational structure and her superpower is to help women build confidence in themselves as they lead. She will take you on a deep dive into your dream, your idea, and your goals. She won't waste any time getting into exactly what you need to do to get where you want to go. Anne is also the organizational mastermind behind the Nameless Collaborative online course "Organization Foundations" (free to all members).

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Tiffany Jo Baker

Tiffany Jo Baker is a 3x Surrogate, Speaker, and Strategizer who helps women, couples, entrepreneurs, and ministry leaders fuel and fulfill their faith journeys.  As a personal coach, confidante, and cheerleader, her simple and effective strategies will help you care for your soul, self, and dream so you can be focused, fulfilled and full of peace and joy along the way. Her personal battle cries include, "Don't Quit" and "Go For It." Tiffany will increase your faith, give you a path to follow, and help propel you into your future. 

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Jen Weaver

Jen Weaver is a Ministry Coach, investing in your personal leadership growth and helping you develop message & brand clarity for the ministry you love. She offers coaching and consulting for areas including: leadership development, healthy culture & thriving teams, visual branding, and brand experience. She’s the author of "A Wife’s Secret to Happiness" and serves as Bible teacher, conference speaker, and contributing writer for various publications. Married to her best friend Jared, she’s a happy boy mom of two young sons and is most likely to be found with her hair full of dry shampoo and a coffee mug in-hand.

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