Nameless Collaborative exists because we don’t want leaders to live lonely.

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Does leading the charge leave you lonely? Do you wish you had someone you could call to ask a question, gain insight from, or mastermind your ideas? Could you use more inspiration and encouragement from women who don’t just applaud your efforts, but relate to both the successes and struggles of the unique season you’re in?

Us too. 

Welcome to Nameless Collaborative! You’re in good company here.

Our mission is to connect and encourage Christian women in leadership around the world through collaborative community.

And we bring it all to you with beauty, elegance, and style, because you deserve nothing less.

But don’t take our word for it, come see for yourself! Join us for our next event.


What Kind of Women are part of Nameless?

Nonprofit Founders
Business Owners
Published Authors
Social Influencers
Public Speakers
Community Leaders
Ministry Directors
…and so much more!

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Curious about our name?

It comes from Psalms 115:1 “Not to us, O LORD, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness.”

We believe God empowers us as women with incredible influence and leadership ability. We’re fierce, strong, and goal-oriented. We also lead and serve for HIS glory, not our own.

"Nameless has been a God-send! From the first time I attended a Nameless in-person Event, I knew that I was supposed to dive in. I am so happy I did. I found like-minded, high-caliber, super-real and oh-so-fun ladies who understand what it is like to have a big God-dream and "go for it" despite all the things that try to hold us back. Thank you Nameless Collaborative for not only providing top-notch trainings and mentorship, but a community that tears and cheers with us along the way. "

Tiffany Jo Baker
Tiffany Jo Baker LLC

"Nameless Collaborative had me at HELLO! The connections and relationships I have made through this community are a tremendous asset to my ministry. The Collab Tables provided me with the right tools and the encouragement I needed to get my ministry off the ground. "

Brandy McDonald

"I am new to the organization, but Nameless came into my life at just the perfect time. I was feeling overwhelmed and lonely, but my first event allowed me to just be "me". I laughed, fellowshipped, and was encouraged. I look forward to more of those moments! "

Jennifer Shelton
Executive Director - Real Options

"What a GIFT to be a part of Nameless Collaborative! As a young entrepreneur, it has not been easy to find a community of people pursuing similar goals and dreams. Honestly it's been somewhat of a lonely road. Being a part of this group has been the sweetest reminder I am not alone. Every woman I have encountered in this group has been willing to answer questions, be a listening ear, and push me in pursuing my dreams."

Katie Willis
At the Table, Venue & Catering

"I love Nameless! This team is so intentional and I love how they cultivate relationships and create inspiring environments to grow my ministry and strengthen my leadership skills."

Nicole Clark
Twelve 12 Ministries

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